Feeling the heat

Making any joinery product we understand that it must reflect not only comprehensive approach but also the continuation of cotton-wool surroundings created by the owner of a house. The house that has its own world.

So he had created his own world and in a moment he was quite at home

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our products

Cabinets. Reception desks
Wall panels
Radiator screens
Carving. Inlay

Turning your ideas into reality

Long-term experience

Our team has been polishing and developing its joinery skills since 1992. You can obtain magnificent results by combining the experience of a master and state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore we are constantly upgrading our facilities that allow us not only to speed up the processes but to avoid product damage at any stage of production. We have been turning our customer’s ideas into reality for more than 20 years.


As time goes by one of our convictions takes root in our heads – every product (as everything you do) must be made with passion and reverent attitude. Everything the master makes must be filled with life.

Thanks to our customized approach every product is creatively different and unique.

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