About us

Here is the beginning of your comfort

Phenix joinery production was established in 1992 and belongs to a group of companies Polymer, Private Enterprise, Production-Commercial Company. Productions facilities are located in industrial center of South of Ukraine – in Zaporozhe.

The total area of our furniture production plant with modern equipment is more than 700 m2 today.

We’ll take care of everything

Due to favorable working conditions we are able to execute an order of any complexity and scope within the established deadlines. We value our clients’ time and are ready to take care of full production cycle from design to installation.

We’ll make you feel comfortable

We all faced the situation when it is very difficult to find a product or a piece of furniture that meets all our requirements. We may like the manufacturer, but would like to see another color or we may like everything but need the different dimensions. Our clients have no such problems. Material, shape, color and other details are taken into account during production.

Turning your ideas into reality

Long-term experience

Our team has been polishing and developing its joinery skills since 1992.

You can obtain magnificent results by combining the experience of a master and state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore we are constantly upgrading our facilities that allow us not only to speed up the processes but to avoid product damage at any stage of production. We have been turning our customer’s ideas into reality for more than 20 years.


As time goes by one of our convictions takes root in our heads – every product (as everything you do) must be made with passion and reverent attitude. Everything the master makes must be filled with life.

Thanks to our customized approach every product is creatively different and unique.